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A Creative Documentary Wedding Experience

At Katz Studios, we specialize in creative documentary wedding photography and Films.

We believe that your wedding day is a unique and beautiful event, and we're passionate about capturing the authentic, candid moments that make your day so special.

Our approach is all about authenticity. We believe that the best wedding photography comes from capturing the genuine moments, emotions, and interactions that happen throughout the day. We don't believe in stiff, posed photography; we want you to look back on your images and remember the real, unscripted moments that made your day so memorable.

In addition to capturing authentic moments, we also strive to bring an artistic flair to your wedding images. We use interesting angles, unique compositions, and the interplay of light and shadow to create images that are not only candid but also beautiful and creative.

Our goal is to tell a story with your images. We want your photos to be able to take you back to your wedding day, and convey the emotions and atmosphere of the day in a way that words alone cannot. We believe that great wedding photography is not just about taking pictures, but about capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

We also believe in being flexible and adaptable. We understand that every wedding day is unique, and we're prepared to work with whatever challenges and opportunities present themselves. We'll always be unobtrusive, allowing you to enjoy your day without worrying about us getting in the way.

Finally, we believe in personalization. Your wedding day is about you, and we want your images to reflect your personality, style, and the particular details of your day. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your images reflect your vision for your special day.

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